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Lactation Cookie Mix | Chocolate Chip

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Need a boost? Try our cookie mix adapted from our original deliciously-addictive recipe! It's full of ingredients that have been traditionally used to encourage milk supply. The 22 oz. package makes about 20 large cookies, and the 15 oz. makes about a dozen. You only need to eat 1 to 2 per day!

- Brewer's Yeast (B vitamin powerhouse, Selenium, protein)

- Organic Flaxseed ( Lignans, Omega 3's, protein, many other vitamins) 

- Organic Oats ( Iron, fiber, protein)

- Wheat Germ (Omega 3's, Vitamin E, Folate)

- Sea Salt (Trace minerals, electrolytes)

- Organic Flour

- Organic Sugar 

- Fair Trade Chocolate Chips


Our packaging is plant-based, compostable "plastic"! 

If you are local to Richmond, Virginia, you can get these freshly-made and delivered to your door! Check out our Made-to-Order Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies!

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