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About Us

Monarch Birth & Baby is still a newborn business, but we have been making lactation cookies for locals of Richmond, Virginia for years! It was our customers that encouraged us to go bigger, so we are on our way! 

5 years ago the owner, Miesha Vargas, was working as a Birth Doula. She had her 2nd baby (of 4) and expected to go back to birth work when he was a few months old, but he refused bottles of pumped milk and would starve himself until she came home! This went on for a while until she decided they needed to figure out another source of income. After some researching and experimenting in the kitchen, Baby Love Lactation Cookies was born as a "cottage business" in Richmond, Virginia. Over the next few years it grew to a point where she had to shut it down at times because it was too much! We are so grateful for the journey we've been on and the new adventures that await. 

Our new name, Monarch, is symbolic of motherhood; we are all queens in our own families! It also points to the transformation that happens as women become mothers. Monarch butterflies are also meaningful since the Vargas family comes from Michoacán, Mexico, where the butterflies migrate every year for the winter.