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Birthing Tool - Mexican Rebozo

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Rebosos are a useful and beautiful tool for providing comfort to laboring mothers during childbirth. Some uses include:

- Relieving pressure of the back and round ligaments.

- Facilitating relaxation of pelvic floors muscles during contractions.

- Gently sifting the uterus to encourage relaxation and comfort for mother and baby.

Many doulas are trained in the use of the rebozo, but it's not hard to learn how! We offer long-distance consulting from a professional birth doula and can cover the use of a rebozo. 

These rebosos are handmade by artisans in Queretaro, Mexico. Your purchase supports the continued cycle of fair trade prices and respect for the artisan's time and talent. 

Don't see one you like? Let us know what you're looking for! We can probably find it from our suppliers in Mexico.